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Australian Digital Health Agency

Graphic Designer

Design a unifying and resonant logo for the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative (NCDHC) to embody the transformative digital health initiatives for Australian children and families.


  • Create a logo that conveys trust, innovation, and care to both children and adults on a national scale.
  • Ensure the logo design aligns with the existing branding of the Australian Digital Health Agency and is versatile across various platforms and materials.
  • Deliver multiple design iterations swiftly to meet the tight project deadlines, demonstrating the ability to innovate under pressure.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Xara Designer Pro
  • In-house branding guides to align color schemes with Australian Digital Health Agency’s branding.

As 2017 drew to a close, I was presented with a rewarding challenge as a full-time contractor with the Australian Digital Health Agency: crafting a logo for the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative (NCDHC). This venture, an innovative partnership also involving eHealth NSW and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, was committed to enhancing the digital landscape of children’s health care.

The brief required a logo that would strike a chord with Australian families and healthcare professionals alike, one that captured the transformative nature of digital health for kids. It was crucial that the design resonated on a national scale, fostering a sense of trust and progress in the digital health landscape.

The creative approach was multifaceted. It had to be direct, yet dynamic, with a design that appealed to both young minds and adults. The challenge lay in balancing a design that was both vibrant and clear, ensuring it would blend seamlessly with existing branding. To this end, I put forward various text layouts to ensure the extended format was easily legible.

In the typography selection, Open Sans stood out for its friendly and universally accessible appearance, which was important not just for visual appeal but also for ensuring inclusivity and ease of reading. Additionally, it was a practical choice because of its open license.

As for the colour palette, it was thoughtfully aligned with the Australian Digital Health Agency’s branding and My Health Record, ensuring consistency and recognition across various platforms. This palette, while lively, was versatile enough for impactful use in full-color presentations as well as more subdued monochrome formats.

The design process wasn’t just about looking good on screen or paper; it had to translate across a range of materials—media releases, event invitations, brochures, banners, and the digital sphere. In honing the concept, we explored symbols of health, digital advancement, and community spirit, all aligned with the Collaborative’s national importance.

Navigating the complexities of this project against the backdrop of a demanding timeframe was both a challenge and a revelation. The delivery of design variations across four core concepts within days is a testament to the possibility of creativity and innovation under pressure. It was a privilege to contribute to a project with the potential to make a significant impact in the field of children’s digital healthcare.




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