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Biripi Strategic Plan Design

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) of NSW

Multimedia Officer

Design an engaging strategic plan brochure.

Canon 5D MK II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L


  • Capture authentic on-location photos
  • Create a visually appealing layout
  • Ensure resonance with the community

Xara Designer Pro
Adobe Photoshop

In crafting a strategic plan for the Biripi Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre, I immersed myself in the community, capturing authentic photographs that truly represent the heart and spirit of the area.

My responsibility was to ensure the content was not only informative but also visually compelling. I crafted designs that seamlessly integrated with the narrative, ensuring that every design choice had a purpose and added to the story. The brochure was accentuated with varnished finishes on the cover, adding a tactile dimension to the reader’s experience. A central feature of the design is a map of the Biripi region, annotated thoughtfully with Aboriginal place names for significant landmarks. In honour of the community’s deep-rooted heritage, the symbol of the shark, a cherished totem, was infused as a standout graphic element.

Beyond the brochure, to maintain a cohesive visual identity, additional Word and PowerPoint templates were designed. These templates mirrored the aesthetic of the project, ensuring a unified look and feel across all internal communications, a crucial step considering the whole organisation’s involvement.

It was a hands-on experience that made me truly value the hard work of the people at the centre and their wonderful culture.


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