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AH&MRC Project Pamphlets

Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of NSW (AH&MRC)

Multimedia Officer

Craft informational pamphlets integrating Aboriginal artwork with essential health messages.


  • Develop materials that resonate culturally and fulfill informational purposes.
  • Incorporate Aboriginal artwork to reflect cultural heritage authentically.
  • Ensure clarity of information while maintaining high aesthetic quality.


  • Xara Designer Pro
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Over the course of my engagement with the AH&MRC, I contributed to various projects, and these pamphlets were created over time, each encapsulating the dedicated efforts to promote services for better outcomes in Aboriginal Health.

Each piece not only serves its unique informational purpose but also embodies the rich cultural heritage through integrated Aboriginal artwork.

  • “AH&MRC What We Do” offers a comprehensive overview of the peak organisation, frequently distributed at events to foster trust and understanding of its varied programs.
  • “Come Work with Your Mob” targeted young Aboriginal individuals, showcasing courses at the Aboriginal Health College.
  • The “Clinical Audit Tool” flyer highlighted a key initiative where an expert team member collaborated with our member services to facilitate the process of Medicare reimbursements. This endeavor supported Aboriginal Medical Services in ensuring both quality healthcare delivery and financial sustainability.
  • The “SWEB Workforce Support Unit” flyer introduces a dedicated team actively engaged with the Aboriginal community, supporting crucial projects such as those concerning alcohol and other drugs.

A noteworthy mention is the painstaking process of vectorising the provided artwork for these flyers, ensuring high-resolution and vector-based output. Challenges, like merging sections of large paintings that couldn’t be scanned whole, were adeptly navigated. Special attention was given to the “Mob” flyer, where individuals were vectorised from photos, offering a distinct appeal. The nuanced artwork, such as the depiction of a device in the “CAT TOOL” drawing, was artistically enhanced while preserving its profound meaning.

The development of these pamphlets was a collaborative endeavour, requiring engagement with multiple stakeholders and an acute awareness of cultural considerations. Each project served as an invaluable learning experience, contributing to an enriched professional journey. As you explore these works, you’ll witness the blend of technical prowess, cultural understanding, and the very essence of collaborative design.


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