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icare tech4u Animation

icare | Insurance and Care NSW

Senior Graphic Designer (Full-time)

Develop a short, impactful intro animation for the “tech4U” IT team’s tutorial videos.


  • Produce a straightforward, 9-second animation
  • Employ iconography to illustrate a simple narrative
  • Animate using After Effects
  • Create and synchronise custom audio
  • Ensure alignment with brand guidelines
  • Optimize for intranet use

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

A straightforward 9-second opener animation crafted for icare’s “tech4u” IT team.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience, including a foundational background in animation, this opener may appear straightforward, yet it exemplifies my capability to deliver impactful solutions promptly.

The animation serves as the gateway to tutorial content on the intranet, making daily operations and IT tips accessible to all staff.

In line with icare’s brand guidelines, I composed and synchronized the accompanying audio, enhancing the narrative with icons that represent the client support journey with the Tech4U team.


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