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Digital Banners & Email Newsletters


  • icare | Insurance and Care NSW
  • Australian Digital Health Agency

Senior Graphic Designer

Create compelling visuals for diverse platforms and audiences.


  • Tailor designs for diverse groups
  • Achieve a balance between aesthetics and clear communication.
  • Ensure content resonates and is relevant to the intended audience


  • Xara Designer Pro
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Swift Digital
  • Mailchimp

Over time, I’ve designed and developed an extensive collection of digital banners, graphics, banner headings for EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail), and full EDMs, with a significant portion of my work contributing to icare’s communications and branding.

Collaborating with internal stakeholders from various agencies, including prominent ones like the Australian Digital Health Agency, I’ve ensured that every design stands out visually and conveys its intended message with precision.

My designs adhere strictly to branding guidelines and reflect professionalism, tailored for health professionals, staff, and the broader Australian community.

The intentional simplicity in some designs stems from meticulous planning and crucial discussions.

Throughout my career, I’ve utilised tools such as Microsoft Dynamics, Mailchimp, and Swift Digital for building EMD newsletters, catering to the preferences of different employers.

I’ve also created templates using web2print with InDesign, providing our internal stakeholders a seamless self-editing experience to update text and images on banner designs, ensuring they remain on brand. This allows them to independently craft their monthly/weekly newsletters without requiring custom designs every time.

Demonstrating my adaptability, I’ve also crafted vibrant, festive designs for internal communications during the festive season, upholding brand integrity while infusing creativity.


icare Digital Brand Hub Development

branding, digital, motion

FiDO: File Directory Organiser


icare tech4u Animation

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Interactive, Accessible PDF Forms

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