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ADHA 2017-18 Animated Milestones

Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA)

Senior Graphic Designer (Contractor)

Creation and animation of icons to highlight key achievements for 2017-18 in a looping display for internal agency showcase.


  • Design a silent looping animation for display in agency’s foyer.
  • Utilise flat design style to represent milestones such as the approval of the National Digital Health Strategy.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

Take a peek into a special year at the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) with this short animation, showcasing key achievements from 2017-18 in a lively, looping display.

Employing a simple and clean flat design style, every icon was thoughtfully created and animated by me, spotlighting major milestones like the approval of the National Digital Health Strategy by the Health Minister and the development of an action framework through nationwide consultation.

Without a sound but with lots of movement, the animation was proudly presented in the agency’s foyer and around the office during December and January, offering a silent yet spirited look back at a year of collective successes and strides forward in digital health across Australia.


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