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Logos: Vision to Brand


Freelance/Contractor Graphic Designer

Craft unique and memorable logos catering to diverse industries and specific client requirements.


  • Understand and interpret client briefs
  • Provide consultancy and guidance
  • Develop drafts and iterate based on feedback
  • Ensure versatile design suitable for various reproductions
  • Collaborate with clients to achieve desired results
  • Deliver final designs that resonate with the brand and audience

Adobe Illustrator
Other relevant design software

Welcome to a collection of logos I’ve crafted for an eclectic range of clients: from health services and consultancies to software developers and various other industries.

My process is fundamentally collaborative.

I attentively listen to client aspirations, provide seasoned guidance, and jointly sculpt the final vision. Notably, in many instances, these brands were mere concepts, leading me to often create from scratch, unless a client had a more tangible vision, backing it with sketches or detailed briefs.

The nuances of each brand are unique, making encapsulating their essence in a logo a gratifying challenge. From preliminary doodles to the polished final piece, every phase is a harmonious interplay of creative flair and invaluable client input. A potent logo doesn’t just appeal aesthetically; it’s a beacon that lures potential customers, sets the tone of their journey, forges connections, builds trust, and crafts unforgettable introductions.

Regardless of budgetary constraints or niche requirements, I’ve consistently aimed for designs that shine across various platforms, be it print, embroidery, or digital. It’s not just about a visual spectacle; it’s about narrating a brand’s story.

I take immense pride in the feedback loop of this journey, always culminating in content clients. Every logo has its tale, and I’m deeply gratified that each one left a client thoroughly satisfied.


Social tiles

branding, digital, web

HEXABICS Mobile Game

audio, branding, coding, digital, motion, personal, web

C64 VIC Memory Configurator


Artifex: Algorithmic Glitch Art Tool