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AH&MRC of NSW Financial Report 2009


Multimedia Officer

Design and compile the 2009 finalcial report, ensuring brand consistency and catering to the diverse needs of the Aboriginal community sector.


  • Digitally transform hand-sketched artwork into integral design elements (Vectorise)
  • Ensure a unified appearance throughout the report, accommodating varying image quality
  • Collaborate with diverse teams, from legal to finance and arts
  • Craft detailed member maps using references from the NSW Government’s LGA areas

Xara Designer Pro
Adobe Photoshop

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised: This page may contain images of deceased persons.

Why is there a 2009 financial report in my showcase?

During my 9-year tenure as a Multimedia Officer at the AH&MRC of NSW, many projects have significantly influenced my professional development. The design and execution of the 2009 financial report stands as one such pivotal endeavour.

While titled as a financial report, the document uniquely begins with a comprehensive section akin to an annual report, showcasing the organisation’s notable achievements for the year.

This project was an immersive experience. My role required coordination with diverse teams from legal, finance, to the arts.

One of the report’s distinguishing elements was the hand-sketched dot artwork contributed by Richelle Patten, a talented artist and board member. It was my responsibility to digitally transform (vectorise) these sketches, ensuring they seamlessly integrated into the report’s core sections.

The choice to embrace a duotone theme of dark red served multiple purposes. First, it aligned with the prominent colour of the mountain in the organisation’s logo, ensuring a unified brand representation. Furthermore, given the inherent variations in the quality and resolution of the images provided, the duotone approach facilitated a harmonious integration of visuals. This strategy ensured a consistent and polished look throughout the report, showcasing the ability to adapt and innovate within design constraints.

One achievement I’m particularly proud of is the crafting of precise member maps. These maps, which referenced the NSW Government’s Local Government Areas (LGA’s), were a significant undertaking. Before this, such detailed maps didn’t exist within the organisation. I took the initiative to source all available maps and personally handled the detailed mapping process, making it a project in itself.

Compiling this report was a testament to collaboration. With multiple business units offering content, reviewing drafts, and suggesting revisions, my role was to ensure all multimedia elements were cohesive and resonated with our audience.

Looking back, this project stands out not just for its professional challenges but for the people I worked alongside. The dedication and passion of the Aboriginal community members I collaborated with were both humbling and inspiring, making this one of the most rewarding chapters in my career.


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