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icare Digital Display Designs

icare | Insurance and Care NSW

Senior Graphic Designer (Full-time)

Enhancing communication with vibrant digital screens

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator

Take a look at the digital screens I created to enhance internal communications at icare’s offices.

Each design goes beyond being just a message board; it’s an engaging visual display, presenting characters that proudly reflect diversity and inclusiveness.

These screens became an integral part of icare, delivering important updates and conveying essential information to the team. And it wasn’t just with words, but through meaningful visual narratives.

Every graphic, whether created from scratch, chosen from stock, or adjusted, was carefully developed to truly represent the icare brand. From the choice of colours to the style of characters, every detail was thoughtfully selected to ensure a consistent and authentic ‘icare’ visual journey throughout each office.


HEXABICS Mobile Game

audio, branding, coding, digital, motion, personal, web

This House is for the People Music video

ai, audio, motion, personal

MetaMatrix: Digital Art Display

coding, personal, web

Logos: Vision to Brand

branding, digital, print