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Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council Website 2011

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) of NSW

Multimedia Officer

Transform a static HTML website into a dynamic, user-centric online presence.


  • Transition from static HTML to a dynamic CMS-based platform.
  • Enhance user experience through modern design and responsive features.
  • Collaborate with internal teams and external vendors to ensure alignment with organisational needs.


  • Joomla CMS
  • PHP,HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • XARA Designer Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

In 2010, I began a significant project with the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) of NSW.

The challenge? Transforming their static HTML website, managed through Dreamweaver by the IT team at that time, into a modern, dynamic and user-friendly online presence.

Initiation and Research (2010):

  • In partnership with the IT department, we scouted for the best Content Management Systems (CMS) and provider. Our collective decision fell on Joomla CMS and Joomstore, a provider from Perth, recognising their proficiency in the then-new area of responsive design. Together, we planned the website’s redesign and update.

This animated HTML5 banner I designed in Adobe Edge, was a key feature on our website in 2015. It was crafted to highlight the resilience and vitality of Aboriginal health over the past three decades. The artwork, specially commissioned from an Aboriginal artist, was given life through my technical web skills in animation. It served not just as a visual celebration but also as an informative piece to raise awareness among our members and visitors seeking resources on our site.

Project Execution (2010-2011):

  • Management & Collaboration: I led a close-knit collaboration with internal teams to define the project’s scope, budget, and direction. Regular check-ins with Joomstore ensured our vision was consistently implemented.
  • Content Creation: I spearheaded the content development, from thumbnails to the main content, liaising with different business units to ensure their needs were met.
  • User Management: Designed a secure portal for board members, providing efficient access to essential documentation.
  • Membership & Mapping: I modernised our member representation with an interactive map and optimised membership forms for improved user experience.

Launch & Maintenance (2011):

  • Assisted by the IT team’s selection of web hosting, I managed the website’s launch. Post-launch, I leveraged my skills in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript for tailored solutions and upkeep.

This project encapsulates my dedication to digital evolution, collaboration, and adaptability in the ever-changing digital realm.

Endnote (2018): I wrapped up my journey with the AH&MRC in 2018. Following my departure, the AH&MRC underwent significant restructuring under new management. This shift in direction led to the decommissioning of the original website. While the website has since evolved, I retain screenshots as a testament to our collective efforts and the transformative phase we spearheaded.


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Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council Website 2011

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