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HEXABICS Mobile Game


Game Developer & Designer


  • Design and code an engaging mobile game with a blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Offer a multilingual experience catering to both English and German audiences.
  • Navigate and meet the App Store’s strict guidelines for game listing.
  • Create all marketing materials and multilangual 30 sec promo video.


  • Game Maker 2
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • C64’s SAM
  • Xfer Serum VST
  • Presonus Studio One
  • JavaScript (similarities in Game Maker 2)

Growing up with the Commodore 64, I’ve always been drawn to the world of interactive experiences. When the COVID pandemic hit, it sparked an idea for a game in my mind. It felt like the right moment to bring that idea to life, and that’s how HEXABICS was born.

Behind the Code: I picked Game Maker 2 for its resemblance to working with JavaScript and its support for mobile devices. Given that I exclusively use iOS devices, I released HEXABICS solely on the iOS platform, allowing me to focus on and leverage the specific features and capabilities of that ecosystem. Every level was meticulously handcrafted, and each line of code was written with a keen eye for detail to ensure the game’s quality and performance.

Designing Hexabics: Drawing from my experience in graphic design, I employed Illustrator to define the game’s aesthetic. Given its nature as a logic game, a minimalist approach was adopted to avoid unnecessary distractions, ensuring that visual effects enhance rather than detract from the gameplay.


Sound Matters: The title theme melds the vintage tones from the C64’s SAM software with contemporary musical elements, establishing an invigorating auditory ambiance. Alongside my contributions, Daniel Ortiz provided a complementary track, together offering a cohesive auditory experience. All sound effects were meticulously created using tools like the Xfer Serum VST, with Presonus Studio One as the main platform for audio production.

Multilingual Touch: Originally from Germany, I am fluent in German. After living in Australia for an extended period, I took measures to ensure that Hexabics is accessible to both English and German speakers.

Detail-Oriented: Following the development, rigorous testing was conducted on devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 12 Pro Max to guarantee seamless user interaction. Subtle elements, such as lens flares and a hint of parallax scrolling, were incorporated to further refine the user experience.

App Store Marketing Material: To meet the App Store’s precise guidelines, I developed all graphics, bilingual video trailers, and game descriptions in both English and German. Additionally, a dedicated Hexabics privacy policy website and support email were established, ensuring thoroughness in every detail.

Game Features:

  • Varied Gameplay: 70 meticulously designed levels complemented by an ‘Endless’ mode.
  • User-Centric Design: Features like ‘Undo’, ‘Restart’, and intuitive level navigation enhance the user experience.
  • Focused Gameplay: HEXABICS is designed for an uninterrupted gaming session, devoid of advertisements.

While HEXABICS has since departed from the App Store, it remains a testament to my dedication to excellence and versatility in digital design and development.


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