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Social tiles


  • icare | Insurance and Care NSW
  • Australian Digital Health Agency,
  • AH&MRC of NSW

Multimedia Officer
Senior Graphic Designer                        

Craft impactful social media designs tailored to distinct audiences and platforms.


  • Design content for various audiences: health professionals, Aboriginal community, general public
  • Balance aesthetics with message clarity
  • Ensure designs resonate with the intended audience

Xara Designer Pro
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised: This page may contain images of deceased persons.

Dive into my collection of social media tiles and carousels, tailored for popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter).

These were crafted during my roles at icare, the Australian Digital Health Agency, and the AHMRC of NSW. Each design reflects a distinct style, finely tuned for its specific audience – be it health professionals, the Aboriginal community, or the wider public.

Beyond aesthetics, each design stands as a product of collaboration, understanding of unique challenges, and an aim to convey clear messages. Many have been pivotal in informing users about upcoming workshops, resources, health information, or promoting services. Some highlighted stats in carousels, like the ones for the Risk Education Express program.

Whether made for regular posts or paid ads aimed at increasing engagement, each design hits its mark.

From modern looks to heartfelt community styles, the steady positive responses and solid engagement numbers show that these designs connect and leave an impression.


Music Composition for ‘Become One’

audio, motion

Digital Banners & Email Newsletters

branding, digital

My Health, My Record Animation

digital, motion, web

CrossFit Play Promo Video

audio, motion, photography, web