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FiDO: File Directory Organiser

Have you ever faced the daunting task of sharing a mountain of filenames? Enter FiDO.

Effortless Organisation at Your Fingertips
With FiDO, organising files is as simple as a drag and drop. Your files get sorted in real-time, exactly how you want them. It’s organisation made easy.

Customise Like Never Before
Why stick to the basics when you can customise? FiDO offers popular templates and detailed settings to sort files by name, type, size, or date—all adjustable in real-time. Tailor your files to fit your exact needs.

Take the Reins with Real-Time Customisation
The moment your files land in FiDO, you’re in control. Adjust, tweak, and refine your list on the fly. It’s real-time customisation that puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.

Your Tailor-Made File Directory
FiDO speaks the language of convenience:

/s for size

/n for name, trim with (for example) /n8 for an 8-character limit

/x for extension, like trimming .html to .htm with (for example) /x3

/yyyy, /mm, /dd for dates.

Why Choose FiDO?
Compact yet powerful, FiDO simplifies file listing and sharing, proving that great things come in small packages. It is ideal for anyone looking to streamline their digital files in text format without breaking a sweat.

Privacy First
FiDO works directly in your browser, ensuring your files stay on your computer without any alterations. It only accesses file names and dates to create a neatly organised text output. Rest assured, your files remain unopened and unchanged.

Note on Sub-directories: FiDO focuses on the files you select, adhering to web browser restrictions for your security. Unfortunately, dropping sub-directories isn’t supported, but rest assured, FiDO handles your chosen files with care, ensuring a secure and efficient experience.

Output format templates
/n Filename, /n8 Truncate by 8
/x File Extension, /x4 Truncate by 4
/s Filesize
/dd Modified Day
/mm Modified Month
/yyyy Modified Year
Output format
Sort output by
Drag and drop files into here

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