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MetaMatrix: Digital Art Display

Self-Initiated Project

Creative Technologist & Data Artist


  • Design and develop a web-based digital art display, inspired by Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘spectra’.
  • Use Javascript programming for a self-operating visual experience blending art with data.
  • Ensure each activation offers a distinct visual journey, highlighting the elegance of data in a digital medium.
  • Engineer various widgets to responsively function in their spaces, each with randomised parameters for diverse visual outputs.
  • Create custom sound effects for each widget using Xfer Serum for electronic sound design, enhancing immersion into the experience.


  • JavaScript & HTML5 Canvas (for interactive art creation and display)
  • Custom Algorithms (for varied visualisations and random patterns)
  • Xfer Serum VST for sound design

Imagine stepping into a world where art and data intersect, creating a symphony of visual delight.

This is the essence of the web-based screensaver I’ve crafted, drawing inspiration from Ryoji Ikeda’s ‘spectra’, which I experienced at the MONA museum in Hobart in 2019. Just as ‘spectra’ left its audience in awe, this screensaver transforms the mundane nature of data dashboards into an extraordinary visual journey.

In a world dominated by structured data, we often try to decipher and find meaning, even in patterns that, at a closer look, make no logical sense. My digital artwork embraces this instinct. It presents data in a seemingly structured and meaningful way, but a closer examination reveals a playful dance of elements. This intentional contrast — between the expected logical structure and the actual whimsical randomness — aims to explore our natural tendency to seek order and meaning, even where none exists.

This fascination with digital screens and data is more than an artistic pursuit; it’s about finding beauty in the binary, the poetry in pixels. The screensaver isn’t just a digital spectacle; it’s a commentary on our relationship with technology. It challenges viewers to find order in chaos and appreciate the artistry in our digital interactions. Each activation of the screensaver offers a unique experience, with millions of configurations, inviting a moment of reflection on the complex beauty of our digital world.

Beyond the artistic vision, my experience in graphic design spans various projects, demonstrating an ability to translate creative concepts into practical, user-friendly designs. Understanding the importance of clear communication, my designs aim to convey complex ideas in an accessible manner. 


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