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icare Digital Brand Hub Development

icare | Insurance and Care NSW

Senior Graphic Designer (Full-time)

Designing and implementing icare’s digital Brand hub.


  • Design user-friendly Brand hub
  • Manage 1,000+ digital assets
  • Produce introductory animated video
  • Implement graphic team kanban board
  • Maintain all hub pages
  • Create Web2Print templates

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro

At icare, I was crucial in developing our digital brand hub on the IntelligenceBank platform.

I tagged over 1,000 generic assets using Adobe Bridge and utilised Photo Mechanic for batch-processing metadata for various photography assets, including stock images, internal photos, headshots, and leadership portraits.

I designed the platform in InDesign, incorporating team feedback to ensure usability for the organisation-wide rollout. IntelligenceBank built the forum from my template, setting us up for effective management.

My contribution to the platform’s content involved close collaboration with the project manager, who was instrumental in getting the project off the ground. It took many months for them to set up the project due to stringent compliance checks and IT constraints, which were essential to address before we could proceed. Once these hurdles were cleared, the project manager provided a comprehensive list of all the assets needed on the platform. Using their list as a starting point, I created a mind map to gain a clear overview of the different types of assets and their statuses. This approach helped me manage the content effectively and source the files. The project manager also supplied the copy, tone, and language for the platform’s pages, ensuring our communication was clear and direct. This was key in creating an intuitive and user-friendly digital environment.

I oversaw creating and managing essential business pages, such as design team pages and FAQ sections, crafting them in HTML/CSS. The digital assets, like email footers, designed by my colleagues, were uploaded and integrated by me, ensuring a unified visual appeal.

A significant aspect of this project was the advanced form-building feature. The project manager introduced the ‘Briefing Forms’ concept for graphic design requests, and with input from the entire team, I was responsible for building and refining this tool. This innovation streamlined our workflow, allowing users to submit tickets that alert our design team. Utilising a Kanban board, the team efficiently manages tasks, with the system also enabling data extraction for reporting our achievements.

I also made significant contributions to the Web2Print tool, creating an intuitive interface that lets staff use templates, most of which I designed to maintain the integrity of our core design elements.

When the project was nearing completion, I proposed creating an animated video to visually showcase the functionality of our brand hub. I envisioned a video with a mouse pointer navigating through the menus and animated elements, bringing the platform to life in an engaging way. I brought this idea to the project manager, suggesting they write a script and develop a basic storyboard. They delivered, providing the words and the storyboard outline. With the script and storyboard in hand, my job was to animate this vision using Adobe After Effects. The project manager also supplied a voiceover, which I used as a guide for timing the animations. Drawing on my background in TV animation, I knew how to sync the on-screen action with the voice cues, ensuring everything flowed smoothly and effectively. This collaborative effort resulted in an engaging introductory video that effectively demonstrated the platform’s features and enhanced its overall appeal.

Throughout the project, my primary focus was boosting the brand’s presence on the platform, prioritising user experience and visual appeal in every aspect of my work.


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