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Table of Contents | Photography + Social animation

Addison Marshall

Photographer & Multimedia Producer

To showcase Addison Marshall’s ceramic works through professional photography and a promotional video aimed at increasing engagement on social media and at the gallery exhibition.


  • Photograph ten of Marshall’s ceramic pieces, focusing on their intricate details and artistic essence.
  • Produce a promotional video for social media that highlights the unique qualities of Marshall’s work.
  • Compose an original background score to enhance the multimedia experience.
  • Support the exhibition’s promotion with visually compelling content.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Studio One Pro (+various VST plugins)


Embarking on a journey through Addison Marshall’s refined artistry, this project illuminates his meticulously handcrafted ceramic forms and insightful constructions through careful photography and a customized promotional video, created specifically for enhanced social media engagement and promotional materials.

My lens, purposefully focused on the delicate interplay between object, placement, and subtle colour nuances, seeks to extend Marshall’s appeal into a realm where his art initiates both poetic and introspective dialogues. Marshall’s creations, by both sparking curiosity and building connections, delve into the profound, marrying the tangible and the intuitive and invoking contemplative responses while revealing layers of meaning within each strategically arranged piece.

I crafted a slightly disharmonic, reverb-rich piano piece to articulate a voice for each ceramic work, inviting viewers to delve deeper into a uniquely resonant and introspective encounter with Marshall’s creations.

The exhibition of these distinctive pieces was gracefully hosted by Chalk Horse Gallery in Sydney, Australia.


Artifex: Algorithmic Glitch Art Tool


C64 SID Wizard Shortcut 2-Page Cheat Sheet PDF

audio, pdf, retrotech

icare tech4u Animation

branding, motion

Pet Photography and Advertising

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