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icare Lung Bus Animation

icare | Insurance and Care NSW

Senior Graphic Designer (Full-time)

Create a concise, informative Lung Bus animation.


  • Create clear, concise animation
  • Illustrate flat design elements
  • Animate using After Effects
  • Edit and process audio
  • Ensure message clarity
  • Optimise for social media

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Studio One
Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor
DMG Audio Limitless
Fabfilter Pro-Q 3

Check out the direct yet captivating animation I crafted for icare’s Lung Bus, an essential mobile screening service.

This animation, widely shared on social media, illustrates the bus’s journey as it visits various sites and screens thousands of employees, protecting them from potential lung risks at work.

In creating this piece:

  • I redrew the bus  based on photographic references, adhering to a flat design aesthetic.
  • I utilised the corporate branding’s iconography, modifying and animating them to better support the narrative and enhance visual storytelling.
  • Using Illustrator and After Effects, I brought the flat design components to life, ensuring the content was both clear and memorable.

One challenge faced was the audio; the initial voiceover was recorded on a phone. However, through careful audio processing and editing, I was able to significantly improve the sound quality, ensuring a clear and seamless listening experience for the audience.

To boost accessibility and enhance viewer engagement, subtitles have been seamlessly incorporated into the video.

The animation’s primary aim? To clearly and effectively demonstrate how icare proactively supports both employers and employees throughout NSW.


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