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Captured Moments: Urban and Nature Photography

Personal Photography Portfolio

A selection of photographs titled “Captured Moments: Urban and Nature Photography”, showcasing a mix of urban life, natural beauty, and personal travels.


  • Capture a wide range of scenes from daily life to extraordinary landscapes.
  • Show the versatility of subjects, from city streets to the tranquility of nature.
  • Highlight the art of manual photography and the pursuit of the perfect shot.
  • Share a passion for photography that aligns with professional graphic design skills.


  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Wide-angle EF 14mm f/2.8L for expansive cityscapes
  • Versatile EF 24-70mm f/2.8L for general street photography
  • Telephoto EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS for distant nature shots


  • DXO Software
  • Adobe Photoshop for detailed touch-ups

Taking a tour with my Canon 5D Mark II, this photo series showcases a variety of scenes, from Sydney’s lively streets to Bondi Beach’s Sculpture by the Sea to Bali and Paris’s, to name a few. Each image, shot in manual mode (of course) reflects a commitment to the art of photography. No AI here 🙂

This small sample from my extensive collection touches on everything from local art events to personal travel and nature’s spectacles. They’re snapshots I’ve taken for fun, highlighting a range of different subjects and the ability to capture the right moment.

These photographs are a hobby, yet they demonstrate an enthusiasm for discovering new scenes and mastering different settings. The varied lenses I’ve used are part of my toolkit for achieving just the right view.

Sharing these photos isn’t about promoting my services; it’s about showcasing a side interest that parallels my professional life. The qualities important in photography—adaptability, a keen eye, and lifelong learning—are equally essential in my career as a graphic designer.


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